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From left to right: Mike Dean, Ryan Blace, John Hebeler, Matt Fisher, Andrew Perez-Lopez, Mike Smith

John Hebeler
John Hebeler is an avid explorer of new technologies for the development of large-scale, distributed systems. In the last five years, he has focused on the Semantic Web and emergent, distributed systems. He has published published papers, has co-written a P2P networking book, and presents at major technical conferences around the world. He is currently pursing his PhD in Information Systems at the University of Maryland. He is a division scientist for BBN technologies.

Matthew Fisher
Matt Matt Fisher has over fifteen years experience in the fields of software and systems development. He has worked in a wide range of engineering environments, ranging from small technology startups and research and development companies to large Fortune 50 firms.

He regularly contributes to Semantic Universe (formerly the Semantic Report) and has been involved with conferences such as OWLED, ISWC, and the Semantic Technology Conference. Matthew is a Principal Systems Engineer at Progeny Systems and holds a BS in Computer Science from Penn State University and a MS in Computer Science from George Mason University. Enjoy more minutia at my first home.

Ryan Blace
Ryan Ryan Blace has been a Semantic Web developer and BBN Technologies employee since 2004. He works on multiple large-scale Semantic Web-based knowledge management systems for the government and commercial sectors. Ryan holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland and is pursuing his master’s in Computer Science at Virginia Tech. When not spending late nights on his computer hacking away, Ryan spends his time cycling, mountain biking, and instructing at car club track days.

Andrew Perez-Lopez
Andrew Perez-Lopez is a software developer who has worked at BBN Technologies since 2005 on large-scale information integration systems using the Semantic Web technologies discussed in this book. He holds an MS in Computer Science from Virginia Tech and an BA in Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia.

Mike Smith (Technical Editor)
Mike Smith is a senior engineer at Clark & Parsia LLC, a software development and consulting firm specializing in the development and application of artificial intelligence technologies. Mike is a member of the W3 OWL WG, participates actively in the OWL community, and publishes content at He is one of the primary developers of Pellet, the open-source OWL reasoner, and frequently contributes to the Prot´eg´e and OWL API projects. He holds BS and MS degrees in Systems and Information Engineering from the University of Virginia.

Mike Dean (Forward Author, Reviewer)
Mike Dean is principal engineer at BBN Technologies, where he has worked since 1984. He started working with Semantic Web in 2000, as a principal investigator in the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) program. He was coeditor of the W3C OWL Reference, a coauthor of SWRL, and has developed various Semantic Web tools, data sets, and applications. He currently provides technical direction for a number of Semantic Web projects at BBN. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Stanford University.